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[MGC] Slime Man by Dragriyu Pumpkin Punkerbelle [Alt Ver] by Dragriyu

[C] Galactic Honeymoon by Dragriyu First, We'll Live by Dragriyu

Leviathan by Dragriyu Summer by Dragriyu

[C] Nikolai by Dragriyu Walk with the Shadows by Dragriyu



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Astrology Series - Gemini by feiyan

British Stamp by Kezzi-RoseA Stamp by Genny-RaskinWalk in Shoes Stamp by Mirz123Mistakes by Fyi-SusCritiques wanted by prosaixSupport Honest Critique by JDiPierroGive a llama, get a llama by Neg0neAccept Yourself Stamp by SparkLumStamp, Quoted by RieiRedAlways Tired Stamp by gutter-childFighting Stamp by coolcat654Corpse Bride stamp by ParamourxLightsDoofenshmirtz Evil Logo Stamp by dA--bogeymanGroucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stampsAvenged Sevenfold Stamp by Kezzi-RoseThe Rev Stamp by Kezzi-RoseStamp: No One Cares by FlantsyFlanPS1 Stamp by DragriyuMerry and Pippin by Cathines-StampsOpen your Mind Stamp by quazostamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-NihtInspiration Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSo Many Books by LaPurrNew Book Stamp by SailorSolarForget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123My Memory Sucks by renatalmarThe Quenchiest Stamp by CubieJHappiny Stamp by Kezzi-RoseKung Fu Tigress by lecairdeArtists 5: Alphonse Mucha by MetadreamRedwall Stamp by redwall-clubSquirrels in my Pants by Chelo-kunuHH GOOD GAME EVERYBODY by Janbearpig

Let's all laugh at blueyoshibowser64!

06:15:31 PM <SuperArrow> I'm making weather patterns
06:15:33 PM <SuperArrow> with my subwoofer
06:15:41 PM <Dragriyu> I'm making brown streaks
06:15:43 PM <Dragriyu> With my ass
06:15:46 PM <SuperArrow> :lol:
06:16:00 PM ** blueyoshibowser64 has joined
06:16:05 PM <Dragriyu> SPeak of the devil
06:16:10 PM <blueyoshibowser64> o3o
06:16:13 PM <Dragriyu> blueyoshibowser64: Hey brown streaks
06:16:17 PM <Dragriyu> blueyoshibowser64: How you doin'
06:16:17 PM <NightWorldGrl> :lmao:
06:16:29 PM <blueyoshibowser64> Dragriyu: Brown streaks? o3o
06:16:43 PM <Dragriyu> blueyoshibowser64: Mhm.
06:16:54 PM <blueyoshibowser64> Dragriyu: Where'd that come from o3o
06:16:58 PM <Dragriyu> blueyoshibowser64: My ass.


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Artist | Student | Varied


My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 4:22 AM
I haven't been very active recently, so I thought 'what better way to kickstart my page back into life than a long monologue about the time I've spent here on Deviantart so far'? So here it is; my Deviantart story.

And it begins with a very special person,

Raulwren Dalla'han by AndernellQt PatootyGappy by AndernellCentaur Kickboxer by Andernell

My best friend in the universe, Andernell

We met in the first year of high school, she wanted my email, I told her that I only give my email to people with phone numbers, a universe was born. We found a common interest in only the choicest selection of anime the internet had to offer ('Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo' in particular), along with a love of Square Enix and drawing all kinds of weird shit involving our favourite characters. (No, not like that. Promise.)

She showed me Deviantart, and although the early relics of that time of our lives are all but erased (read: swept under the rug), there are a few of my early uploads that can give you a general idea of what went on.
Satiko -first drawing by DragriyuKH meme XD by DragriyuWingless Dragon Type Thing by Dragriyu
(Of course, this isn't representative of Andernell's spawns - she had years of experience under her belt even then). 

Then, as time went on, we practised our craft, fantasized about moving to Japan to become 'manga-ka', wore a lot of black, we slowly wormed our way out of that pit and grew together both as artists and as people. Nowadays, we still draw weird shit, wear a lot of black, and watch a lot of anime - but we're a hell of a lot less obnoxious about it. Desu.

During my time on Deviantart, as a fledgling deviant babu, I stumbled into the dAmn chatrooms. In my travels through the slightly less socially adept chatrooms (and I say that with love), I made some gorgeous friends, including these guys:

KrayXii Scythe WIP by GlynnRaynes  My Domain 2 by Wolfy-Westy
GlynnRaynes  Wolfy-Westy
What a gray day. by SpeculatingTurtle  Img 20140611 183912 by AlgorithmicOverlord
SpeculatingTurtle  AlgorithmicOverlord

Waterfall by Jex-LumiKhoth

- whom are all giant nerds and I love them to bits. I also met GlynnRaynes and Wolfy-Westy at the Download Festival '13, which was a fab weekend and I really want to do it again!!
Summer by Dragriyu

As far as my art goes, I'm proud of how far I've come and I'm still as enthusiastic as ever to improve even more and see what the future holds! Thanks for nearly 7 great years, Deviantart.

Improvement Meme by Dragriyu

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast


Aug 19, 2014
5:08 am
Aug 19, 2014
12:38 am
Aug 18, 2014
4:35 pm
Aug 18, 2014
3:27 pm
Aug 15, 2014
8:53 pm



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